Welsh Conservatives call for power over broadcasting

Welsh Conservative AMs say power over broadcasting and energy projects should be transferred from Westminster to Wales.

They also say control over public holidays should be devolved so that St. David's Day could become a bank holiday.

The calls are made by members of the Welsh Tory Assembly group in their submission to the Silk Commission, which is looking at the Assembly's powers.

We recognise the major challenges in reaching a devolved settlement which has the levers to deliver positive change for the people of Wales.

As the first 14 years of devolution and Labour-led Assembly Governments had failed to deliver the improvements in public services and prosperity that people want, there is considerable pressure to reach a constitutional settlement with sufficient levers to deliver for Wales.

– Opposition leader Andrew RT Davies

But the Conservative AMs don't want control over policing and criminal justice to be transferred to Wales, saying the case hasn't been made.