1. James Wright

Fine and sunny, but not for long

Once again where in Wales you are has dictated whether you woke to overcast cloud, or sunny spells. The good news is that everyone should see sunshine by the end of today and Tuesday is looking pretty good too.

This afternoon sees clearer air across northern France pushing into our neck of the woods, clearing away the cloud. The south easterly flow starts to introduce milder air too. Highs this afternoon reaching 8-9C, which is still a little cool for early March.

Tonight the clearing skies allow temperatures to fall back to -1C, but in rural parts they could fall further. Later in the night mist and fog develops mainly across eastern parts. This could be thick in places and may cause disruption on the roads.

Tuesday sees lovely sunshine for many places, but it could be a slow start elsewhere as the overnight mist and fog is slow to lift and burn back. Eventually it will and everywhere will see some nice March sunshine.

Whilst some thicker cloud is expected later in the afternoon for the southeast it will be a generally fine day. Temperatures at 11-12C and a light breeze should feel lovely in the sunshine. Don't expect this fine mild weather to last though!