1. James Wright

Frosty and foggy night but much milder tomorrow

After a mixed start earlier today, there was a point when there was barely a cloud in the sky. Tonight those clear skies allow temperatures to fall back to -1C, but in rural parts they could fall further. Later in the night mist and fog develops mainly across eastern parts.

Tuesday sees lovely sunshine for many places, but it could be a slow start elsewhere as the overnight mist and fog is slow to lift and burn back. The could be thick in places and may cause disruption on the roads early on. Eventually fog will lift and everywhere will see some nice March sunshine.

Whilst some thicker cloud is expected later in the afternoon for the southeast it will be a generally fine day. Temperatures at 11-12C and a light breeze should feel lovely in the sunshine.

Don't expect this fine mild weather to last though! Low pressure takes over from midweek, we hold on to the milder temperatures and lose the overnight frosts but it will be rather unsettled with spells of rain or showers at times.