Chepstow man Barry Watson revered as 'king' in India

Barry Watson has been visiting India for the past four decades Credit: Help the Village

At his family home in Chepstow, Barry Watson is just a regular working father-of-four - but to the Yanadi tribe in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, he is regarded as royalty.

Though Barry has no crown or throne, he was awarded the title of 'king' in 2010 by grateful villagers after he helped them build a new life for themselves.

Through his charity work with Help the Village, Barry raised enough money to help the tribe - which had been living in poverty on a rubbish tip - secure land and install vital facilities.

The Yanadis named their new village 'Barrypuram' in his honour, and Barry himself 'King Bazza'.

Strangely, Barry's gesture of help follows a prophecy by the Yanadis 30 years ago that a white man would build a village for the tribe.

Barry, who cheerfully admits he has been 'infatuated' with India since he first visited in the 1970s, said locals were initially too awestruck to approach him but now give him a fanfare reception each time he visits.

But Barry hasn't let his newfound royalty affect him - he says he's kept firmly grounded by his four children, who constantly 'take the mick' out of his regal title.