Cardiff City fans call for 'better dialogue' with club

Cardiff City Supporters' Trust says its members are urging the club's owners to be more open about their plans for the club.

Polling "almost 700" supporters, the Trust says a majority cited "getting more information" as a priority for the year ahead.

55.9% of those polled say the club had seen "either the best 12 months or better than average".

36.1% of fans (33.5% among Trust members) say the past 12 months have been "disappointing" , in spite of the team's performance in the Championship, due to concerns over the rebrand and team kit.

The results show clearly that ordinary fans want a proper dialogue with the club. Shareholders in the club, which include the Trust, have also not been consulted.

As the only democratic voice of fans we are disappointed that our last meeting with the then club chairman was two-and-a-half years ago. We have written to the chief executive requesting a meeting with supporters, but have been told this will not happen until the season is over.

The results of the survey, as it relates to rebranding, indicates continuing disquiet to the changes, although a sizeable number of fans have reluctantly accepted it.”

– Tim Hartley, chair of Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust