Lamb chop in urinal controversy

The Farmers' Union of Wales has criticised a food hygiene campaign run by the Food Standards Agency, which shows a lamb chop in the bottom of a urinal.

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Union: 'Disgrace' to link lamb with poor hygiene

It is plain idiocy that the repercussions of such an advertisement were not spotted by the FSA. It's little wonder that criminals were able to pass off horsemeat as beef under the FSA's noses if they were too busy dreaming up inflammatory and misleading messages like this.

If premises have standards of hygiene which are akin to food being served in urinals then the FSA should deal with them.

Launching a publically-funded campaign like this and associating a top quality product with standards of hygiene which should result in premises being closed down is absolute madness and a disgrace.

– Emyr Jones, President of the Farmers' Union of Wales

The National Sheep Association has also criticised the inclusion of lamb in the FSA's campaign.

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