Pembrokeshire rescue operation

An RAF rescue helicopter, lifeboat crews and Royal Navy ship HMS Echo were all involved in a rescue operation in rough seas off the coast of Pembrokeshire. A Portuguese seaman was airlifted to hospital with serious injuries.

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Rescue operation for Portuguese seaman

  • At 11.53 this morning, Milford Haven Coastguard was alerted by the French authorities
  • A French fishing vessel was 30 miles west of St Ann's Head
  • A Portuguese seaman was on board with a serious head injury, and it was judged he needed to be taken off
  • Rescue helicopter 169 from RAF Chivenor spent an hour and a half on the scene, trying to get the seaman off, but couldn't because of rough seas
  • The language barrier was also a problem, as the crew can't speak any English
  • The helicopter has gone to refuel and will return once seas are calmer
  • HMS Echo was nearby and was contacted to provide shelter to calm the water
  • The vessel has continued to travel towards the mainland, and is now around 18 miles away
  • Angle Lifeboat is now close to the vessel - and hoping to get the injured seaman on board, so he can then be airlifted to safety

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