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  1. Adrian Masters

Carwyn Jones defends health service changes

The First Minister has made a strong and highly personal defence of controversial plans to change the health service in Wales.

Speaking at Welsh Labour's conference in Llandudno, Carwyn Jones, said his government would not change course.

The easiest option for us would be to play it safe - put risk on the back burner and plough on regardless for another few years.

Colleagues - we can’t do that.

We have to have a health service that’s safe and sustainable in the future.

Any change will be done sensibly and with the fullest consideration taking into account the views of the medical professions themselves.

Conference – let me be clear.

There is no bigger threat to the National Health Service in Wales than saying - “there’s no need for change.

– First Minister Carwyn Jones

He said the NHS was 'ingrained' in his and his party's DNA and he set out very personal reasons for that support, telling delegates about the death of one of his grandmothers at a young age and referring to even more personal experience of the health service.

When I was born, I was very unwell and spent weeks in an incubator - what would now be called a special care baby unit.

Hard to believe I know - when you look at me now.

But for me, the NHS was there.

When my wife Lisa fought and overcame leukaemia, the NHS was there for her – for us.

We didn’t have to worry about cost or access to future treatment – the NHS was there.

– Carwyn Jones

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