Sub-zero temperatures put off tourists

Tourism leaders are warning that a cold Easter will deter holidaymakers from visiting Wales. It follows days of disruption due to snow and freezing conditions, with the North East hardest hit.

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Family airlifted from farm for baby's safety

RAF pictures - This video shows the search and rescue helicopter arriving at the farm yesterday

Ben Massam spoke to us by phone from his home on a farm at Bryneglwys in Denbighshire, where he remains after the rest of his family were airlifted yesterday.

He said it was a precaution to keep their 16-month-old boy safe, and the others are now all safe and well at his brother-in-law's home.

They had been without power, and burned some old furniture to keep warm.

Ben stayed behind to look after two elderly dogs.

He described the current situation: "you can walk over the washing line, there's that much snow."

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