First Minister's powers call

The First Minister calls for a wide-ranging transfer of powers from Westminster, saying that 'there should be a presumption in favour of devolution, so that Welsh domestic affairs are determined in Cardiff'

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Tax and welfare should stay with UK - First Minister

In his speech, Carwyn Jones will say that Wales must remain part of the United Kingdom and his comments appear to reject a recommendation recently made by the independent Silk Commission that, in the long term, income tax should be partly devolved. That move, he'll say would 'carry great risks'

Wales should remain part of the United Kingdom. This position is underpinned by our strong commitment to the social union whereby the costs, benefits and risks of taxation and social welfare are pooled across the UK. We see this crucial component of our common British citizenship. Breaking this link would bring no benefits to people in Wales. On the contrary, it would carry great risks for us.

– First Minister, Carwyn Jones AM

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