Labour MEP welcomes reduced EU aid cut

Welsh MEP, Derek Vaughan, says the credit for a reduced cut in EU aid belongs to lobbying by Labour politicians. And he says the task now is to find ways to fill the shortfall.


@adrianmasters84 huge amount of lobbying by myself and welsh govt on his. Will now look to try and find ways to have no shortfall.


If proposed reduction in str funds to Wales reduced to 5% will still look at opportunities to find more funds in hope of avoiding any loss.


As I hinted earlier PM written to Welsh FM to say cut in str funds post 2014 5%. If true its progress as initially expected 22%!


Wales protected from EU cuts

David Cameron has written to Carwyn Jones telling him that he will use the UK's ability to reprioritise its European aid so that Wales will only suffer a 5% cut -a move he says is worth 375 million euros.