1. James Wright

Frosty cold and clear night

Tonight the cloud will break to clear skies, inland the wind dies down too. Generally temperatures fall to -2 or -3C. But in some spots we could get as low as -7C so frosty. Last night Trawscoed fell to -6.4C. Southern and western coasts are further from the high and will see stronger breezes.

After losing an hour's sleep thanks to clocks going forward for British Summer Time we'll be waking to another fine spring day. Spring-like with the exception of the temperatures. Another cold start. Highs creeping up a notch to 6-8C, in the sun and out of the breeze that should feel quite nice!

There is still no let up in this pattern of cold weather. Chilly by day, frosty by night and a biting easterly breeze will continue for at least the next few days.