Osborne: No tolls for M4

The Chancellor has confirmed that there be no tolls on any new M4 relief road. George Osborne made the comments on a visit to Cardiff. It follows reports that the UK Government would guarantee borrowing by the Welsh Government to pay for a new road.

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M4 toll plan is 'poor value for money'

Plans to grant permission to build a new M4 relief road near Newport has been criticised as "poor value for money." Sustrans Cymru, who promote sustrainable travel, say the scheme which is expected to be announced by the Chancellor would cost £830million over 15 years.

They said that a "more cost effective way to reduce congestion would be to invest in shifting these journeys to public transport."

They argue that the money should be used to encouraging people to walk, cycle and use public transport to ease congestion.

The new M4 relief road is poor value for money – costing taxpayers more than £55 million each year and following the recent announcement of £8 million in cuts to our bus service.

The Welsh Government acknowledges that 40% of journeys on this stretch of the M4 are local trips of under 20miles.

– Matt Hemsley, Sustrans Cymru Media and Policy Advisor

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