1. James Wright

Fine, sunny and settled

Finally an end to the cold weather is sight but it's still few days away. The high pressure that has kept things chilly but settled will eventually shift allowing for milder Atlantic weather to move in.

This afternoon looks fine and sunny, many places keep hold of clear blue skies. It's still cool with highs of 7-8C. In the sunshine that will feel very nice but in the brisk northeasterly wind it will still feel on the cool side.

Overnight tonight the temperatures drop below freezing but not as cold as it has done in previous nights. Lows of -1 or -2C.

Thursday is another fine settled day. Still chilly and with more cloud drifting across Wales there's a small risk of a wintry shower. Into the afternoon cloud thickens up in places but there will be plenty of bright spells in to the afternoon.

Highs again of 7-8C. Stay out of the breeze and in the sunshine and it will feel rather pleasant.