1. James Wright

Dry, cool and breezy

Thursday isn't set to be as sunny as Wednesday. There's still plenty of sunshine on offer nearer the western and northern coasts, but inland and across the southeast there's thicker cloud drifting around.

This afternoon sees the pattern continuing with a mix of fine spring sunshine, sunny spells and cloud. It's still rather cool with highs of 6-8C. The wind is stronger today and rather gusty around the coasts. This will make the already cool temperatures even cooler feeling.

Tonight the wind helps a little in that it stops temperatures falling as low as they have recently. It will still be cold with lows a degree either side of freezing.

The end of the week will be bright with the return of more widespread sunshine on offer during the early part of the day. More cloud will form later and there will continue to be a chilly northeasterly breeze. Highs again of 6-8C.