Holiday teen 'unlawfully killed'

An inquest into the death of Cardiff teenager Jonathan Hiles on the Greek Island of Zante has ruled that he was unlawfully killed.

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Hiles witness 'punched in head'

The friend of a man accused of killing Jonathan Hiles has told the inquest into the Cardiff teen's death that he was beaten by Greek police before being made to change his witness statement.

Christopher Kyriacou, who today gave evidence at Mr Hiles' inquest in Cardiff said the Greek police's account was "100% untrue".

"First they put me in a completely dark room for around 30 minutes. Then they turned the lights on and around six other officers filed into the room.

"I was very scared and intimidated. They kept asking me 'what happened?' and I told them I didn't know.

"One officer went ballistic and grabbed me by my neck. I was then hit around the face and punched to the head.

"My thinking was 'I am just going to have to do what they want me to do'. I needed to get out of the police station for the safety of my own life.

"I did not know what was going to happen to me."

– Christopher Kyriacou

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