1. James Wright

Turning cloudy

Today marks a change from cold and settled conditions to weather that's a little less cold but a lot more unsettled.

This afternoon will see cloud thickening up and the winds picking up too. Highs of 8-9C but it will feel chillier with the lack of sunshine.

Tonight the cloud and the strengthening breeze supports the temperatures, so whilst it's chilly and with a widespread ground frost, there won't be the harsh air frost we've had over the last few weeks.

Tomorrow will be mainly cloudy with a strong easterly breeze. Some rain may skirt south Pembrokeshire for a while before clearing. Later we could see some brightness around the Cardigan Bay area and there's a risk of an odd shower, it will however, be mainly dry.

Temperatures reach 9-10C but it won't feel that mild with little or no sunshine around. The brisk easterly breeze will make things feel chillier still.