Electric car club switches on

Wales' first electric car club rolls into action today. The Cilgwyn Community Group near Newport will unveil its first environmentally friendly electric vehicle and the whole community will be able to benefit from it.

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Community to share new electric car

Residents will be able to share a Nissan Leaf electric car, similar to this one Credit: Charles Guerin/ABACA USA/Empics Entertainment

Residents of Cilgwyn near Newport are launching Wales' first community electric car club. Members of Cilgwyn Community Group will unveil their first electric car, which will be available for the whole community to share.

The project is all thanks to a grant of nearly £25,000 awarded from the Big Lottery Fund's Village SOS programme.

Local residents will be able to book the new Nissan Leaf electric car online or over the phone at an introductory price of £2.50 per hour and five pence per mile. A software programme will work out what they owe.

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