New drug could treat autism

A trial is underway at Cardiff University to see whether a drug to combat Tuberous Sclerosis could also treat autism. The trial is being co-ordinated by the South East Wales Trials Unit, in the School of Medicine at Cardiff University.

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Tumour-shrinking drug's wider benefits

Trials of a new drug are underway at Cardiff University Credit: David Davies/PA Archive/Press Association Images

A drug designed to combat Tuberous Sclerosis is being trialled at Cardiff University and could also be used to treat autism. Everolimus has already proven effective when used to treat kidney growths and grain tumours - reducing their size in many cases.

Tuberous Sclerosis is a genetic disorder characterised by the development of tumours in many organs, including the skin and kidneys. It can also affect the brain, leading to epilepsy and often ADHD and autism.

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