Regions not interested in 'control of national game'

Regional Rugby Wales (RRW) has issued a statement this evening in response to what they describe as "misleading communication in the public domain." The group, which represents the four Welsh rugby regions, says they want to clarify that they are not interested in "control of the national game."

Unfortunately, it is just not acceptable to our beliefs and shared philosophy as Regions and with responsibility to all the many rugby supporters, players and clubs we work with and represent - to just ignore the seemingly sustained programme of spin that is being fed into the public domain.

As we have maintained, our collective view is that we have confidence in the scrutiny and process of the independent PwC report, the PRGB and the Memorandum of Understanding which was agreed to and signed by the four regions and WRU.

– Regional Rugby Wales spokesperson

RRW say they are repeating their call for independent arbitration between the regions and the Welsh Rugby Union(WRU) to "find a clear path through the current debates."

We seek independent arbitration because it is clearly a much more appropriate way to conduct discussions – keeping any debate away from the public arena and through a rightful independent process.

We maintain our view that the PRGB is the most effective vehicle to undertake the discussion and debate to identify the right solutions for Welsh professional rugby and that it is not constructive to conduct that debate in the public domain.

We would like to make very clear that the Regions are not interested in “control” of the national game..."

– Regional Rugby Wales spokesperson