£500,000 snow help for farmers

The Welsh Government says it is giving £500,000 to charities to help farmers hit by the recent snow, which caused heavy livestock losses. Welsh farmers' leaders had written to the Natural Resources Minister demanding financial help.

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MP calls for debate over impact of snow on farmers

Montgomeryshire MP Glyn Davies says he will pursue a debate in parliament over the impact of recent snow on upland sheep farmers.

Writing on his blog, Mr Davies said he will ask the Leader of the House to programme an urgent debate to make sure MPs understand the issues involved.

I know what its like to look after sheep in rough weather. And it doesn't come much rougher than we've seen over the last few weeks.

– Glyn Davies MP

Although agriculture is devolved, Mr Davies says that some hill farmers in Montgomeryshire feel let down by the attitude of the Welsh Government.

It might not make much practical difference but I sense its important to show that MPs understand the scale of the disaster in the hills. Unfortunately there is no PMQs this week. I'm sure Mr Speaker would have allowed me to raise the issue. It will have to be week after next. And I will ask the Leader of the House on Thurs morn to programme an urgent debate. All I will want to do is make sure MPs understand what's happened. I could be the only MP who has experience of digging sheep out of ten foot snow drifts.

– Glyn Davies MP

Mr Davies says some of the scenes on the news over the past few weeks have been "heartbreaking" and describes the ongoing issues as "a hell of tragedy."

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