Wrexham Council suggests 'super-prison' sites

Wrexham Council has put forward two sites to be considered for a new 'super-prison' which could house more than 2,000 inmates.

They are: Kingmoor Park (which is privately-owned) and the Firestone site (owned by the Welsh Government), both on Wrexham's industrial estate.

The Ministry of Justice wrote to the council asking it to suggest sites, as it plans a new prison for the UK.

London and North West England are the two other areas being considered alongside North Wales.

We have provided two sites for consideration by the MoJ.

Both fit the criteria set out by the MoJ.

Having a prison in Wrexham would bring enormous economic advantages to the area.

It would also be of significant benefit to prisoners who come from the surrounding area who will be able to see family and friends more often.

– Cllr Neil Rogers, Wrexham Council Leader