Electrical fire safety campaign launched

North Wales Fire Service is urging residents to 'get switched on' to electrical fire safety in a new campaign.

Fire rescue family supporting new campaign

A family who were rescued from a fire in their Barmouth flat, are joining forces with North Wales Fire Service to launch a new electrical fire safety campaign.

Seven members of the Griffith family were rescued through a window in February after their washing machine caught fire.

They were alerted by fire alarms. The fire service has launched the 'Get switched on to fire safety' campaign in a bid to highlight the importance of being as safe as possible at home, using the Griffith family's story to get the message across.

We're really grateful to the Griffith family for sharing their story. Without smoke alarms, we could have been dealing with an unthinkable tragedy in Barmouth - their story really proves how important it is to have working smoke alarms fitted and a practised escape route in place so that you and your family can exit quickly in the event of a fire.

– North Wales Fire Service spokesperson

Fire service staff will be visiting supermarkets across north Wales to talk to shoppers and get them to do an electrical safety quiz.

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