'Hard-hitting' heart campaign

A hard-hitting TV advert will be shown to raise awareness of heart health, as new figures reveal coronary disease claims 5,000 Welsh lives every year.

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Health experts: 'We can - and will - beat heart disease'

British Heart Foundation says it hopes its new campaign, Fight for Every Heartbeat, will gain the support of people in Wales and help save lives.

Heart disease devastates too many lives. Every day in the clinic I hate seeing its impact on children, parents and grandparents. I'm searching for a breakthrough to put an end to the suffering. But medical research costs money and the BHF urgently needs support to rid the UK of heart disease and the misery it brings.

– Professor Mark Kearney, BHF researcher and cardiologist

We're fighting for every heartbeat - regardless of a person's postcode. Our new campaign will bring this urgent fight to the public's attention. With the support of people living in Wales we can, and will, beat heart disease.

– Professor Peter Weissberg, BHF Medical Director

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