1. James Wright

Weather settling...for a while

Thanks to pressure building from the southwest the weather is set to settle down for a while. The good news is that for some it should last through the weekend.

This afternoon, any remaining showers ease off and gives most parts of Wales some good sunny spells. The breeze arrives from north west making it feel a little on the fresh side, but temperatures are reasonable with highs of 11-13C.

Tonight the wind eases and with clear spells around there will be a widespread ground frost with temperatures getting close to zero. There may be a little mist around too.

Saturday should be a glorious start to the day and with some decent power in the sun it will warm up quite quickly. Into the afternoon some fairweather cloud will bubble up but many places will remain sunny through the day. Highs tomorrow of 14C which should feel very pleasant.

Some rain on the way for Sunday, but for many places will be a nuisance rather than particularly wet.