Bonnie: My parents would be 'so proud' of Eurovision

Bonnie Tyler is confident the UK won't be getting 'nul points' at this year's Eurovision. Credit: PA

Bonnie Tyler says she's worried her song is "too good" to win the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

The 61-year-old from Neath will sing 'Believe In Me' at the competition in Sweden next month.

"It has been said to me over the last couple of weeks, 'You're not going to win this Bonnie, your song's too good'. Eurovision - you can't guarantee that it's all about the song, but I'm going to give it my best shot and I think we've got a good chance of having a good score at least - I hope."

"I'm not going dramatic, I'm going Bonnie Tyler. I'm not having backing dancers on the stage. I've got musicians and backing vocalists on the stage."

"I only wish that my mother and father were still alive to see it, because they loved the Eurovision, and they'd be so proud."