1. James Wright

Chilly night, more showers tomorrow

After a showery breezy day the winds swing to a northerly direction, this allows a stream of showers to develop called the Pembrokeshire Dangler. This keeps the showers to the west of Wales skirting the Lleyn Peninsular and into Pembrokeshire, elsewhere it will be a dry night with clear spells.

The northerly breeze drags cold air in across Wales helping temperatures to drop to 2 Celsius which is enough for a touch of ground frost.

Saturday is a mix of sunny spells and showers. The showers start in the west but become more prevalent across border areas later in the day. Temperatures remain on the cool side with highs of 10-11C, but it will feel cool in the northerly breeze and cooler still if you catch a shower.

Sunday will see a little rain for all parts although it's becoming lighter and patchier as it moves south east. Monday and Tuesday look dry with some sunny spells, with temperatures recovering.