1. James Wright

Lots of sunshine and a few showers too

It was a generally fine start to the weekend with plenty of sunshine and a line of showers across Pembrokeshire known as the Dangler! Big cauliflower clouds will bubble up across the country and whilst Pembrokeshire will dry out, more showers will show there hand further east.

A brisk north-northeasterly breeze will keep things feeling on the cool side with highs of just 8-12C feeling cooler still if you catch a shower.

Tonight will be generally cold and clear with a widespread ground frost and potential air frost if temperatures reach zero Celsius. Towards the end of the night the cloud arrives and with it some light rain.

Cloud pushes across Wales through Sunday, the cloud trapping the cold air underneath it so it will generally feel rather cold. Rain won't be far behind, but on the whole it will be light and patchy, only turning more moderate on higher ground.

The front begins to clear to the south east of Wales during the afternoon so damp here but brightening up from the north west. Under the cloud highs of 8C, in the northwest it could reach 12C in brighter spots.