1. James Wright

Sunny spells and the odd shower, not a bad start to the week!

As previously advertised, Monday started off nice and dry with plenty of sunny spells around. Pembrokeshire and Anglesey had pretty much cloudless skies. As the day progresses we'll see more 'cotton wool' cloud bubbling up and with it a few scattered showers.

Temperatures top out at a reasonable 12 Celsius, but it might feel a touch fresh in a brisk westerly breeze. If you catch a shower it will feel cooler still.

Tonight sees another widespread groundfrost with temperatures getting down to around 2C, but in the usual cold spots it may well drop to or below zero. The wind swings to a northwesterly direction which means northern and western coastal districts will escape the frost thanks to the onshore breeze.

The cold night gives way to a fine start to Tuesday, many places will see cloudless skies early on. Once again that 'cotton wool' style cloud will drift about during the day. There's a very small chance of a shower but on the whole it's expected to be dry.

Again temperatures reach 12C widely across Wales but some places around south east Wales could nudge 14C. However with a lighter wind, in spite of the northerly direction, it should feel more pleasant than Monday.