1. James Wright

Wales weather: turning even cloudier

There's a mound of cloud lying across Wales, but the wind and high pressure means that there are breaks in it to give some places some brighter spells from time to time.

The rest of the afternoon sees little change. Mainly cloudy with brief glimpses of sunshine.

Temperatures could get up to 14C in brighter spells, but an increasing wind will keep things feeling a touch cooler further west and particularly with the onshore breeze.

Tonight a weakening band of rain pushes fitfully across the country. There's still the chance of more moderate rain on high ground, but essentially it's light and patchy. The full cloud cover means a frost free night with lows of 8-10C.

Saturday begins with what's left of the rain band lying across south east Wales. It may well have ran out of rain by this point! Further north it will already be much brighter and sunnier. Into the afternoon the sunshine will push across the whole of Wales and fingers crossed it could be cloudless!

Temperatures top out tomorrow at 12-14C, once again feeling a touch fresh around coastal areas where there's an onshore breeze.

The Bank Holiday weekend is set to be settled and mild but not particularly sunny, more details later!