1. James Wright

A repeat performance for Sunday?

Sunday looks like it will be a repeat of Saturday with a slow start leading to a brighter afternoon for many places.

Overnight the tail of last night's cloud pushes back in across the western half of Wales, it will be a rather murky night with drizzle and light rain in places. The strengthening south westerly breeze stop the temperature dropping too far. Lows of 8C.

Sunday starts with a lot of cloud around, but there will be some bright spells, mainly in the east. There's likely to be a little drizzle on the hills. In to the afternoon and bright and sunny spells become more widespread, but there will be parts of the country that will see more cloud.

Temperatures reach a high of 15-16C which with a more southerly breeze developing should feel nice and pleasant. It will be windier around the northwestern coasts.

Monday looks like it will be the best day of the weekend overall with more sunshine through the day and decent temperatures around 16C.