1. James Wright

Cloudy start for many, but brighter later

Sunny spells developing across Wales Credit: Met Office/ITV News

There's a whiff of deja vu about the weather today. Once again it's a mainly cloudy start with sunshine expected to become more widespread during the afternoon. It won't be wall to wall sunshine but it won't stop temperatures rising to 17C. Again a little cooler around the western coast.

Overnight there will be plenty of clear spells around with thicker cloud near the western coast. It will feel cool with lows of 4-5C by the end of the night.

Bank Holiday Monday is set to be a corker with the bulk of Wales enjoying fine sunshine. Some places will have thicker cloud to start the day mainly around the coast. As the day progresses everyone should see some good spells of sunshine.

Lighter winds and a favourable direction means temperatures could make it as high as 20C, that's 68 in old numbers (Fahrenheit) and even western coastal districts will do better at 14-16C.