1. James Wright

Fine, sunny and WARM!!

Yesterday was the warmest day of the year so far in Wales with Hawarden taking the crown and it wouldn't be surprising if today becomes the warmest day. There's plenty of sunshine around with a few clumps of thicker cloud drifting around.

Expect a wide range of temperatures from a mild 14-15C near western coasts but upto 21C (70F) in sheltered inland spots. The north Wales beaches could see very warm weather too, but a subtle change in the wind direction could knock several degrees off the daytime highs.

Overnight temperatures drop to a mild 7-9C, there will be generally clear skies in the north with thicker cloud arriving in the south.

Tuesday is a change over day with many parts continuing to enjoy warm temperatures. It will be bright and sunny across central and northern counties but cloud is pushing further north during the day. By the end of the morning light rain will arrive in south Wales and become more widespread later.

In the brighter weather we could see 20C or 68F but under the cloud it will still be a respectable 16-17C. Heavier rain will push across Wales overnight into Wednesday.