Anglesey council deal struck

Welsh Labour sources have confirmed that its councillors on Anglesey have reached a deal to form an administration with Independent members. The deal was approved by the party's governing body, the National Executive Committee.

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Anglesey: Reports of Labour deal with Independents

There are reports that Labour councillors are close to a deal with Independent councillors to run Anglesey council following last week's inconclusive election result. It's thought an agreement could be announced as soon as lunchtime.

Such a deal would be a blow for Plaid Cymru. It's the largest party but without enough seats to rule alone. And the Labour councillors can expect face heavy criticism for supporting the return of rule by the independents, who were blamed by the Welsh Government for the authority's difficulties.

Ministers must decide if the leadership of the new council is stable enough to take over from the commissioners sent in to sort out Anglesey's problems. The reported deal would involve the three Labour councillors, those Independents who operate as a group and others who act alone.

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