Anglesey council deal struck

Welsh Labour sources have confirmed that its councillors on Anglesey have reached a deal to form an administration with Independent members. The deal was approved by the party's governing body, the National Executive Committee.

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Reports: Independent-Labour deal reached on Anglesey

It's reported that Anglesey's three Labour councillors have reached an agreement with the Independents to form a new administration after last week's elections. The deal excludes Plaid Cymru, which has 12 councillors and is the party with the most seats, though outnumbered by the 14 independents.

The independents have not always acted as a single group and their disagreements were blamed by the Welsh Government when it took control of the council away from the elected members and imposed commissioners to run local services on the island.

Ministers will have to decide whether there is now a stable administration to take back control of the county council. The Welsh Labour Executive also has to decide whether to ratify any coalition agreement involving the party's councillors.

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