1. James Wright

Dry night but showers return tomorrow

We all saw some wet and windy weather today but during the evening the rain clears to leave us with a dry night and clear spells. Temperatures fall to around 5-8C. The wind may pick up for a while around northwestern coastal areas.

For many parts of Wales, it should be a dry and bright even sunny start to the day. It won't be long before scattered showers start to develop. Into the afternoon these showers become more widespread and could be heavy in places. The winds will also build to help push them through.

In spite of the occasional glimpses of spring sunshine it won't feel very warm at all. Highs again of 11-12C tempered by the brisk winds.

The outlook sees more rain for the bulk of Wales on Tuesday then we're back to a steady run of bright or sunny spells and a plenty of showers. Temperatures will continue to be pegged back 2-3 degrees from where they should be at this time of year.