'We'd vote to leave EU' - top Welsh Tories

Two senior Welsh Conservative AMs have said they would vote to leave the European Union if a referendum were held tomorrow. Deputy Leader Paul Davies said Tory MPs pushing for legislation for a vote 'are reflecting the mood of the country.' He said he'd 'vote to leave the EU in its present form.'

But he added that the Prime Minister should be given chance to renegotiate Britain's relationship with Brussels. He rejected the First Minister's claim that leaving would be disastrous for Wales. Shadow Health Minister Darren Millar said he'd 'most likely' vote 'out' if a vote were held tomorrow.

He said money sent to the EU could be used to develop home-made aid programmes rather than Brussels-led projects 'which have made diddly squat difference.' Their leader Andrew RT Davies has previously said he'd campaign for a no vote if negotiations to change the EU's direction were unsuccessful.