School closure to go ahead at the end of term

The Education Minister has instructed Cardiff Council to close Llanrumney High School this August. It was due to close next year but Leighton Andrews had been considering ordering the school's early closure after Estyn Inspectors said it would have to be put into special measures if it stayed open.

While I recognised that in this instance the authority was taking positive action to close a failing school it was, and still is, my concern that the timeframe of closure by August 2014 is too drawn out and does not effect the closure of Llanrumney quickly enough.

The standards of education currently provided by Llanrumney are unsatisfactory and the numbers on roll are falling. The school’s prospects for improvement are judged by Estyn to be unsatisfactory raising questions as to the school’s ability to improve poor standards. It is my belief that closing Llanrumney earlier will benefit its pupils.

The local authority and Estyn both ... support my proposal to secure the closure of the school in August 2013. While no doubt many of the pupils and staff will be disappointed that I have determined to move ahead with a direction to close the school I believe on the basis of weighing all the available evidence that although this is a difficult decision, this is the right course of action.

– Education Minister Leighton Andrews AM

Pupils will be transferred to a merged school on the Rumney High School site.