Abandoned new-born foal rescued near Bridgend

The foal has now been named 'Valour' Credit: RSPCA

An abandoned new-born foal is recovering after being rescued from Coity Common in Bridgend.

The foal, now named Valour, had been abandoned by its mother on the common.

RSPCA Inspector, Nick de Celis, was called out to check on the foal. He said: "The council horse wardens were looking for the mare on the common but had no success.

"The early hours and days of a foal’s life are crucial to building their immunity from the mother’s first milk - so this poor little animal had missed out and was clearly in a bad way"

Valour has now been moved to an equine specialist near Swansea, where he is being hand-reared but he may be moved to a foster mare if one can be found.