1. James Wright

Sunshine and showers

There's some lovely sunshine around at present. There are some large clumps of cloud around, however, and here there are some pretty hefty showers. During the rest of the day there will be further fairweather cloud bubbling and more scattered showers across Wales.

Temperatures will reach 12-13C which with light winds in the sunshine will feel quite pleasant even though it will be a touch cooler than it should be for mid-May. The other problem with the light winds is that it means the showers will crawl across the country.

Overnight a few showers will continue through the evening. There could be a few patches of grass frost by dawn but many places will be frost free with lows of 4-7C.

Friday is a case of "west is best" as cloud edges into east Wales from England. Again there will be some showers amongst the sunny spells across the rest of the country. Highs generally range from 10-13C but could nudge 14C in the south east.