Clampdown on nuisance callers

OFCOM says silent and abandoned calls are one of their most complained about subjects. The findings form part of a five-point action plan launched at the start of the year in efforts to resolve the problem.

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Telephone Preference Service responds to nuisance call figures

The communications regulator Ofcom says it's cracking down on companies which make nuisance calls.

It's published research today, which found that people get an average of two calls a week, where someone tries to sell them something they don't want, or there's nobody on the end of the line.

To help stop these calls, you can register with the Telephone Preference Service. The company has responded to the latest Ofcom figures:

Companies by law can’t contact anyone registered on the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) unless they’ve given specific permission to do so.

We’ve seen a significant increase in the complaints received over the past few months as they have tripled since January 2012. According to our figures, this is largely because of increased marketing activity of payment protection insurance (PPI), accident claims, energy comparison services, insulation grants and lifestyle surveys.

The TPS provides the tool for companies to comply with the law. It’s up to companies to choose to comply with the law, and up to the regulators to choose to take action against the companies that break the law.

The Information Commissioner's Office has the power to enforce these regulations and deal with companies operating outside of the law. I advise people receiving unwanted calls to make a complaint to us as we refer every single one to the regulator for investigation.

– John Mitchison, Head of the Telephone Preference Service

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