1. James Wright

Unsettled and unusual weather

The best of the sunshine is across western parts of Wales at the moment but the energy from the sun here will begin triggering more showers as the day progresses. Some of these showers could be heavy and slow moving. Parts of Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire could get some thundery downpours.

The rest of Wales sees much more cloud but should be less at risk of showers. Temperatures range from 10-11C under the cloud to a respectable 15C in sunnier spells.

Through the evening the showers die away, cloud continues to push across the country and by the end of the night rain arrives in the northeast. A mild night to come with lows of 7C.

Saturday sees rain extending across the northern half of the country, but unusually its moving westwards out across Ireland. Some of the rain will be heavy across the Clwydian Range and Snowdonia. The best of the brightness will be across southern counties. Temperatures upto 14C.