1. James Wright

Plenty of dry weather to enjoy across Wales!

We start the weekend with a little bit of good news with the rain that was expected across the northern half of the country deciding to take a more northerly path. As a result, there's a lot more dry weather to enjoy across Wales. It looks like there could be some more good news for tomorrow too!

The rest of the day will see brighter weather across southern parts with thicker cloud in the north. The cloud could be thick enough to see some light rain and it will feel a little on the cool side.

Overnight we have a mix of cloud, clear spells and clear skies. Temperatures will fall back to 4C, which is enough for a touch of grass frost. There may be a little mist around too, thanks to light variable winds.

Sunday starts with plenty of sunny spells around. There will be some thicker cloud building for some during the day, but many places will continue to enjoy the sunshine through the day. In the sunshine we could see 17C, which will feel nice without much wind around.