1. James Wright

Clouding over tonight, brightening up tomorrow

On the whole it has been a nice day, with plenty of sunshine on offer if you were in the right place, but as one cloud band moved away another one headed towards us.

Tonight more cloud pushes down across Wales courtesy of a weak warm front that brings light patchy rain to north east Wales and some mist and fog.

Elsewhere it's increasingly cloudy but the cloud stops it getting too cold with lows of 8-10C.

Monday sees the front pushing south-westwards across Wales, bringing light patchy rain at times and some murky misty weather. Into the afternoon the front clears and some of the cloud breaks up to reveal brighter weather with maybe some sunny spells.

Once again the thermometer could reach 18C in places in the sunnier moments but it will be cooler around the north and west coasts, thanks for a brisk northerly breeze.

Tuesday is likely to be another cloudy day, although it's likely to brighten up later. It looks like it will be cloudy midweek and brighter on Thursday. There's a persistent north-westerly breeze, which will slowly bring cooler weather across Wales.