Bridgend bulldog has facelift

Before: 'Storm's' breathing was constricted by a flap of skin over her nose. Credit: Wales News Service

A Bridgend bulldog has had a facelift - not to improve her looks though, rather to help her breathe.

Two-year-old 'Storm' had a flip of skin over her nostrils, which was constricting her airways.

Dogs Trust vet nurse Stephanie Marshall said: "A facelift is an uncommon procedure for a dog but we know it will make a huge difference in improving her quality of life."

Storm was living at the Dogs Trust centre in Bridgend, after her previous owner moved house and couldn't take her.

She has now got a new owner - and will soon go under the knife again, for surgery to improve her vision.

After: 'Storm' had skin lifted clear of her nostrils, so she could breathe better. Credit: Wales News Service