Welsh Govt progress report

Welsh Government publishes its annual progress report to enable voters to judge its performance. Opponents question the reports' value because of 'a lack of original targets'.

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Tories' alternative Welsh Government report

Welsh Conservatives have updated their own alternative programme for government, saying that if they'd won the election in May 2011, a Conservative Welsh Government would have delivered the following:

  • Ring-fenced the health budget to safeguard NHS services
  • Abolished business rates for small businesses
  • Directly funded schools to deliver more money to the classroom
  • Introduced an Armed Forces Card to recognise the sacrifices of our troops
  • Set up a Cancer Drugs Fund to end the postcode lottery
  • Introduced a Welsh Language Charter Mark to reward excellence in Welsh language provision

Opposition leader Andrew RT Davies said

In contrast to Carwyn Jones’ lazy Labour Government, Welsh Conservatives went into the last election with a clear vision and package of measures to improve our public services and get our economy moving.

“We remain the only party committed to ringfencing the health budget and would have protected the NHS from Labour’s £800million cuts, which are now threatening to downgrade A&E services.

– Andrew RT Davies, leader of the Opposition

He admitted that his party's alternative plan would have meant cuts in other areas and that schemes such as free breakfasts and prescriptions were likely to have ended or been reduced. But he insisted his alternative list shows 'what a difference a Conservative Welsh Government would have made.'

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