Bristol Airport appeals for owner of abandoned 1900s 'Welsh' bear

The bear is missing an eye Credit: Bristol Airport

Airport staff in Bristol are looking for the owner of a teddy bear abandoned in the departure lounge eighteen months ago.

The toy is thought to be around a hundred years old.

It was found in a bag along with a black and white postcard dating from 1918. The dedication on the back - from two children named Dora and Glyn - raising the possibility of a Welsh link to the current-day owner.

A healthier looking bear appears in the photo dating from 1918 Credit: Bristol Airport


Lost teddy seeks owner

Airport staff in Bristol are hoping to track down the family of a teddy found at the airport 18 months ago. They've traced the bear to Dora and Glyn Baker from Abergavenny, but they've not been able to find any living relatives.