'No Cold Calling' zones urged

Thousands of scams and unwanted doorstep calls were reported throughout Wales in the past year says the charity Age Cymru.

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Elderly more likely to be scammed on doortstep

Age Cymru says there could be as many as 50,000 scams and unwanted doorstep calls in in Wales a year and many of the victims will be elderly.

It's called on the Welsh Government to create more No Cold Calling Zones.

There are over 1,500 zones covering almost 40,000 residential households in Wales. In our Programme for Government, we made a commitment to supporting the extension of No Cold Calling Zones and we are determined communities should be able to make clear their desire not to be subject to cold calling.

Work to fulfill our commitment so far includes establishing a baseline of the number of zones in Wales and we are continuing to work with the police and local government to help them to create more areas, informed by the experience of the existing zones.

– Welsh Government spokesperson

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