UK Govt relations 'sometimes frustrating' - First Minister

The First Minister says the Welsh Government's working relationship with the UK Government is 'professional, business-like, constructive, numerous, complex and sometimes frustrating.' Carwyn Jones' comments follow further evidence given to the Silk Committee which is looking into further devolution.

The evidence sets out the view from Cardiff on how the two governments work together. It says there are 'many good examples of effective joint working' but complains about UK Government communications.

UK Government communications can be a major issue and there are occasions when the UK Government makes announcements that relate primarily to England, but have significant implications for Wales, without prior consultation.

– Welsh Government evidence to the Silk Commission

There's also concern about delays caused to Welsh Government legislation as a result of 'the complexities around the boundaries of the devolution settlement' and a charge that the implications for Wales of changes at a UK level aren't always factored in.

The implications for the devolved administrations of some very significant UK Government reforms are not always factored in to UK Government planning at a sufficiently strategic level and some changes are imposing very significant unfunded costs on the Welsh Government, to the detriment of devolved services.

– Welsh Government evidence to the Silk Commission