1. James Wright

Bright and mild but rain on the way

Lots of cloud to start the day; however, we've already seen some bright spots emerge and there should be more bright or sunny spells around for the rest of the day.

This afternoon we hold on to mild weather in the east with highs of 20C. It will be cooler on the western coast with an onshore wind.

Whilst there's a small risk of a shower it will be mainly dry.

Tonight will be a wet, windy and rather murky night. The rain could be heavy in places but it's unlikely to rain all the time. Expect some hill fog too. A mild night with lows of 10C.

Saturday sees the main rain band clearing but the 'backwash' of the low pressure system brings more spells of rain and showers through the day.

There will be some bright spells around and on the whole it will be drier later. A much cooler day with highs of just 16C and it will be windy too.

The winds particularly around the coast will be rather gusty reaching speeds of 40-50mph - even inland we can expect gusts in excess of 30mph.